KeyChord lite Apk Latest Mod Full Patched + No Ads free Download

KeyChord lite ads free mod

Play the real piano with various scales and chords just at your fingertips. An ideal tool for piano lovers for practising their habits. Here is the dynamic reference or dictionary application for all piano scales & chords. Download the latest update of KeyChord Apk to sharp your resumes. KeyChord lite Apk is the free version of KeyChord Apk for android phones. Very soon we will share the paid apk in free. The mod of the apk is completely ads free or no ads apk.

KeyChord Apk is the perfect one for all piano lovers. This is easy and simple. Practice all chord & scale types with its easy features and this is free to use. With this apk you can learn some tips which will sharpen your skills. Hey don't worry, if don't know how to play. There is a complete package of lessons for both chords & scales. Keep learning and keep playing the real Dynamic Piano with KeyChord Apk.

KeyChord Apk is completely dynamic that means what you play, sound will be like that. A multi-purposing application with various functions. Besides all chords & scales, there is a Mini Piano, you can use it to check your skill. This is amazing, if you don't know how to play then make fun with it by playing any sounds. With KeyChord Apk you can play REVERSE SCALES or REVERSE CHORDS (Premium feature). Easily select the notes of scales that you have in your mind.

Features of KeyChord lite Apk-

Easy keyboard for practice and also for learning with all chords and scales. Lots of chord types and scale types to choose from. A reverse lookup for SCALES & also STAFF VIEW (Premium feature). In short, all features are as follows.
  • 50+ Chord types
  • 100+ Scale types
  • Component intervals
  • Note Names
  • Reverse Chord & Scale
  • Staff view
  • Invasion or Slashed Chords
  • Favorite Chord types
  • Recent Chord types
  • Hear every chord & scale
  • Records songs to midi format
  • Use as ringtone
  • Simple UI
  • Mini Piano (128 sounds & 3 octaves)
  • Audio playback mode
  • Support missing notes (CMaj7 (no 5th))

KeyChord lite Apk Latest Mod ads free

This application don't uses any database to give  predefined scale or chord locations. Rather it lets you to choose any type of chord everywhere you want.

KeyChord lite Apk Latest Mod-

We are sharing the latest Mod of KeyChord lite Apk here. The general version contains a lot of unwanted advertisements and pop-ups which are just disgusting and irritating. Only for your satisfaction and good experiences, we always work hard to give you best results.


Download latest ads free mod of KeyChord lite Apk directly from here. Mod apk is completely free for our visitors, Just scroll down and download the latest ads free mod from the  download page. I hope this mod will help you. Keep supporting us. Leave a valuable opinion inside the comment box for the mod. Thanks !

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How To Install the mod ?

Follow the simple steps to download & install the mod. Sometimes mod may not works due to improper installation. Plz follow below instructions for not having any further issues.
  • Uninstall any previous version (if have).
  • Before uninstall clear app data & cache.
  • Download the mod from here.
  • Enable installation from unknown sources (if not).
  • Then install & use the mod.

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